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Q. Monique Allen is a Washington, D.C. based residential interior design and lifestyle blog dedicated to capturing and chronicling my experience as a first time custom home builder, consultant on design projects, and consumer of all things "mountain modern" including furniture, fabric, accessories, lighting, and more.



It always amazes me when people wonder if there is anything to do at Wintergreen Resort in the summer! There is so much to do! Besides the lake, zip lining, golf, tennis, swimming pool, archery, rock climbing, mini golf and more...there is summer tubing.

What exactly is summer tubing? In winter the resort creates lanes for tubes to glide over a series of small hills. It is a fast moving, wild ride! In summer, they create a single track that is lubricated with mist and wat...

I confess...I agonize over making decorative choices sometimes. There are just so many pretty options for everything from silverware to bed linen...it makes it tough to put a stake in the ground and say, YES, this is the one. But, alas, I do it all the time. After researching my options (sometimes exhaustively), I do end up making choices that I love with my whole, entire heart.

Recently, I had to outfit our vacation rental with exterior lights. Wow, did I come across some...

This past weekend, I had the lovely occasion to visit Pippin Hill. This is the place that you see in all of the local wedding magazines with blushing brides walking barefoot through grapevines. In fact, it was named a top wedding venue in 2018 by Brides Magazine. There is something charming and ethereal about the vineyard as a backdrop for exchanging heartfelt vows. There is a little magic in those rows upon rows of gorgeous, sunlit vines.

For all of us who did not have the...

A year and four months we signed on the dotted line to purchase a rocky lot with a questionable view in the Wintergreen Resort, much to our delight we finally have a house! We were originally told that the process should take about 9 months. Due to weather and major foundation issues, the building process was extensively delayed. I really wanted to spend Christmas in the house, but we received the certificate of occupancy on the Friday before so it just wasn't feasible. We...

Getting closer! The first weekend in October, we drove 6 hours round trip in one day to check on the status of our vacation rental, drop of the last of our ledger stone order and install speakers. It was a crazy thing to do with a baby and not hitting the road until noon, but hey we are both wild and crazy sometimes 😜.

Upon arrival, I felt like the exterior had not changed. There is only the addition of the exterior stairs from the back deck. They are lovely. I can't fat...

Gather round...Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It brings together multiple generations to serve, savor and celebrate. The dining table is often the place where all of the magic happens. It hosts epic holiday dinners and marathon homework sessions with equal dexterity. I think this is why people put so much thought into choosing a perfect dining table. 

The 11 tables below are inspiration for my own table that my handy hubby is building fo...

The romance of a cabin in the woods has always had a certain allure to me…fresh, cool air, long range mountain views as far as the eye can see, the sunset in the colors of a subdued rainbow…the magic of it all has lured me again and again to visit cute little rustic retreats and mega mountain mansions in the sky.

The idea of a place of serenity and refuge finally became so irresistible that I dove in head first to building my own little slice of mountain paradise. But the...

I know, this #RusticRoundUp is probably my least relatable yet...BUT, we can all dream right?! Who doesn't want a suspended bridge walkway to their front door or an interior catwalk high above the main living area? It's ridiculously cool and adds a modern feel to any decor.

When we decided to build a vacation rental in Wintergreen, VA we were looking for an interesting lot with good views (we did not have "great views" money). After looking at a bunch of lack...

Last weekend, we made the 3 hour drive from DC to Wintergreen, VA to meet with our contractors and do our own low voltage electrical wiring. It was a really full weekend with more work than leisure but my daughter and I managed a girls-only dinner where we talked about boys and school and a movie on the lawn where we cuddled in a blanket on what ended up being a really chilly summer night in the mountains. It was one of the highlights of our trip and one of the reasons why...

I wish we all had free access to the awesome software that Joanna Gaines uses in Fixer Upper. It would be amazing to see 3D images of a space before making any changes or buying furniture. But, that's just not an option for design enthusiasts like me. I'll bet it isn't for you either!

I have loved design forever. I didn't want to choose it as a career but I've taken my fair share of classes. Many years ago, I moved into a hip, newly renovated condo in Atlanta on t...

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Q. Monique Allen

Have you ever felt like there is something really special that brings you joy that you simply don't do enough of? I'm not sure what that might be for you, but for me, it's feeding my passion for interior design, furniture and the arts (all of them - visual, performing, culinary...). With a full time career in financial services in Washington, DC, a bustling family, a demanding schedule (and the list goes on), it's tough to find time for things that you love! But, I've committed to MORE. More inspiration...more hands on expression of my own creativity...and more beauty in my world. As I explore and expand my own space and fill it with chic "mountain modern" design, experiences, and ideas, I look forward to using this lifestyle and design blog to share them with you.

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