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Q. Monique Allen is a Washington, D.C. based residential interior design and lifestyle blog dedicated to capturing and chronicling my experience as a first time custom home builder, consultant on design projects, and consumer of all things "mountain modern" including furniture, fabric, accessories, lighting, and more.



Confession. Even when I'm dieting or just eating healthy, I have to end my day (and sometimes most meals) with a little something sweet. If you haven't made my favorite Superfood Muffins, definitely give those a try  There are times when only a cookie will do. 

Last night was one of those times!

Based on my favorite food bloggers' recipe, here is the cure for the semi-healthy cookie craving.


cup creamy peanut butter, room temp.

2/3 cup brown s...

Two months ago, I gave birth to the most amazing little guy! Good news? He was born happy and healthy! Bad news? I gained 40 pounds. While I have about 5 stubborn pounds to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I've stalled for the past 2 weeks with little progress. The weeks have been manageable for me. I can control my diet and exercise. However, now that I'm no longer home-bound and I'm ready to re-enter my old life, the weekends have become a major challenge to my...

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Q. Monique Allen

Have you ever felt like there is something really special that brings you joy that you simply don't do enough of? I'm not sure what that might be for you, but for me, it's feeding my passion for interior design, furniture and the arts (all of them - visual, performing, culinary...). With a full time career in financial services in Washington, DC, a bustling family, a demanding schedule (and the list goes on), it's tough to find time for things that you love! But, I've committed to MORE. More inspiration...more hands on expression of my own creativity...and more beauty in my world. As I explore and expand my own space and fill it with chic "mountain modern" design, experiences, and ideas, I look forward to using this lifestyle and design blog to share them with you.

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