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A Proper Foundation: A Custom Vacation Home in Wintergreen, VA

This holiday season I have devoured photos of mountain and lake retreats all decked out for the holidays. Most homes were decorated in a minimal but tasteful style. This makes perfect sense to me because I can't imagine having to haul holiday decorations to a second location or attempt to store boxes upon boxes of bulbs, lights and bows. Nope. Simple is best.

The team that is working on the house just updated me on its (somewhat) slow process. Apparently, the engineers made a number of suggestions about how to build over the rocky terrain. So, work is slowed while some rock is chipped away and the rest is built. Here is a photo of our progress with some more technical commentary from our builder!

"This photo shows the wooden forms required to pour the concrete footing according to the engineer's specifications. This requires the tedious process of custom fitting the plywood forms to the contours of the rock beneath. Additionally, we also have to install steel pins at a tight spacing in order to insure proper connection to the granite below (drilling holes in the extremely hard Wintergreen rock to insert steel reinforcing bar which locks the concrete footings to the rock). " P. Hatter and Sons

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