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3 Easy Design Solutions to Get Rid of Baby Clutter

You CAN tackle the baby clutter. You CAN tackle the baby clutter. You CAN tackle the baby clutter.

Keep saying that over and over while spinning around in blazing fast circles with your SuperMommy cape on. It works. Trust me. Of course, I'm kidding! But, I'm not the first person willing to take to desperate measures to keep baby stuff at bay. I try to leave my house in good order each night. I wipe up the counters, pick up out of place items and (mostly) clear the sink of dishes. Nothing major. But when I wake up in the morning, grab my robe and go downstairs, I love that as downstairs is slowly revealed it's a clean, modern space full of my favorite things. One morning in particular as I made my descent downstairs for the first cup of coffee, I saw toys tucked in every single corner. 2 activity centers. A walker. An empty box of Pampers doubling as a toy box (yes, really). 2 baby seats....It was enough to make a modernist mama cry. Yes, something must be done. I'm keeping the baby so I gotta find a solution for the clutter.

Here are 3 ways to cut the baby clutter and reclaim your home:

1. Storage. Storage. Storage. We bought a storage ottoman that was 46"x 30" which translates into huge (basically). Miraculously, it fit every stray toy in the living game room. 1 for Mommy. 0 for clutter.

2 - All portable everything! Yes, the activity centers with things dangling from each corner of the plastic monstrosity have lots of things for kids to play with but they require 2 adults to put together and disassemble. And, they certainly don't complement any one's decor. To solve this, we bought a collapsible, portable activity center that has most of the bells and whistles but can be flattened and put in a closet. This is valuable even if you aren't traveling. Buy one of these today!

3 - Adult-like kids stuff! Sorry, neon blue and slime green don't quite work with my preferred interior color palette. So, as much as possible, I have tried to select baby items that can live in harmony with our home. Our high chair, the Stokke Trip Trap, is so attractive that you barely notice it in our dining room area. It just blends in! Our bouncy seat is the Baby Bjorn Bouncer. It's a sleek little number that is both functional and attractive. The Baby Bjorn Bouncer can be purchased here

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