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#RusticRoundUp - 8 of the Most Amazing Catwalks and Bridges Ever!

I know, this #RusticRoundUp is probably my least relatable yet...BUT, we can all dream right?! Who doesn't want a suspended bridge walkway to their front door or an interior catwalk high above the main living area? It's ridiculously cool and adds a modern feel to any decor.

When we decided to build a vacation rental in Wintergreen, VA we were looking for an interesting lot with good views (we did not have "great views" money). After looking at a bunch of lackluster lots and really old houses on the golf course, we took a chance with an odd lot. It was very rocky and steep. The realtor and the builder convinced me that once cleared it would be the lot of my dreams. So far, I'm pleasantly surprised by how incredibly interesting the lot and its topography is! I'm not thrilled with the view - it's just ok and I'm hoping my tree guy can improve it. One of the biggest challenges with this house was where to put it and how to build over a massive rock bed. After a ton of site work, the house was finally in its resting place but it was a good 30 feet from its surroundings. There is literally no land anywhere near the front door. So, we had no choice but to create a bridge or suspended walkway. To ensure the safety of children, animals and any basically everyone, we've made a few design decisions inspired by the mountain modern bridges and catwalks below: - Expand the width - Instead of a narrow bridge, ours is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair and multiple people at a time. It's a whopping 8 feet wide.

- Reinforce the walkway on the sides - I don't want a solid wall on both sides of the bridge but we thought that adding a gradiation to the balusters so that they are closer together near the base was a better solution than fully open balusters. I'm certain that it will feel more secure.

- Wood vs Composite - We decided to use premium kiln dried pressure treated wood on the bridge. When it gets wet, composite decking can be slippery and difficult to navigate. The wood will be stained to match the front door.

- Plants - No, plants can't break a fall BUT visually filling in all that empty space between the bridge and the ground (25 feet!) will soothe the nerves of folks who are afraid of heights. I plan on doing some "mountain" landscaping to visually elevate the ground and make the distance less intimidating.

- Alternative entry 😂 - The builder has added a staircase to access the back deck if the bridge is too much. There will be another entry for those not inclined to use the bridge.

Below are some of the most inspired bridges and catwalks that I've ever seen. Most of them are in the mountain modern or contemporary style. Don't you ❤️ this?! Hit me up on IG or Twitter and let me know what you think @qmoniqueallen

Source: Peninsula Architects

Source: John M. Holmes Architect

Source: Coupard Architects

Source: Bates Masi Architects

Source: Centrum Architects

Source: David Johnston Architects

Source: Unknown

Source: To the Mill Builders


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