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Virginia’s Monticello Wine Trail: Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards

This past weekend, I had the lovely occasion to visit Pippin Hill. This is the place that you see in all of the local wedding magazines with blushing brides walking barefoot through grapevines. In fact, it was named a top wedding venue in 2018 by Brides Magazine. There is something charming and ethereal about the vineyard as a backdrop for exchanging heartfelt vows. There is a little magic in those rows upon rows of gorgeous, sunlit vines.

For all of us who did not have the good fortune of being married at Pippin Hill, don’t fear! There are many ways to experience the farm and vineyard. Since you can go to their lovely website to get the basics, I will share a few tips with you:

Taste! – Plan to do a full wine tasting in the scenic Tasting Room and take home a souvenir glass. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and personable. The wines were very good, but this was more about the experience than the wine for our little group. There isn’t a formal behind the scenes tour so the tasting is really the best bet for getting to know the wines and the winery.

Eat! – This was by far the worst “miss” during our visit. We simply did not budget enough time to sit down and have lunch, but every salad, sandwich, and entrée that we saw was mouthwatering (and soooo pretty).

Snoop! – I was dying to see the stunning wedding venues at Pippin Hill. I’m already married, but I can tell you that their spaces are special with one caveat…I have visited my fair share of wineries. This winery is as beautiful as most (not really more beautiful). However, the fact that it has so many dedicated special event spaces is what sets it apart. I can’t say that upon arrival I could declare it the most stunning space that I’ve ever seen. I can say that it was well done and designed with weddings in mind (I would not be surprised if they made more money on weddings than on wine).

All said, go to Pippin Hill! They do have a special events with cut flower workshops, Farmer Fridays, cooking classes and wine dinners. I’d suggest pairing your visit with an event or a meal to make the most of your time at one of Virginia’s most popular vineyards.

First photo: Source - Pippin Hill

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