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The Plunge: Summer Tubing at Wintergreen Resort!

It always amazes me when people wonder if there is anything to do at Wintergreen Resort in the summer! There is so much to do! Besides the lake, zip lining, golf, tennis, swimming pool, archery, rock climbing, mini golf and more...there is summer tubing. What exactly is summer tubing? In winter the resort creates lanes for tubes to glide over a series of small hills. It is a fast moving, wild ride! In summer, they create a single track that is lubricated with mist and water sprays. The ride is not as fast, but it’s decent summer fun. According to Wintergreen, The Plunge is Virginia’s largest tubing park. As a mom and a lover of Wintergreen Resort, here is the skinny on summer tubing. - Good for kids - We had kids aged 9 to 20 riding. The younger kids had a great time. It was paced just right for them. Minimum age to ride is 6 years old. All riders must be 42 inches or taller.

- Not the best for adults - If you’re an adult and if you’ve been snow tubing, you might not want to do this. It’s not as fast and it’s a touch bumpy. Despite being able to max out at 30mph, no one in our group felt like we were going that fast.

- Best with a group - You have the ability to tie tubes together. The more weight, the faster you can go. And because more people = more fun, it’s best to do this as a group. I can see this getting a little old with just one or two people.

- Construction could be better - Our young adults really had issues with the water jet placement. The water sprays (on this mostly dry ride) squirted close to their faces. The entire ride felt very temporary (“makeshift” was the word used by the young adults). It definitely felt safe, but it just didn’t look terribly well constructed. For $14 for half an hour, this is a good activity for young kids and teens. While you are at Discovery Ridge, there are lots of other activities to choose from so you could easily spend 1-3 hours.

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