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How a DIY Wreath Made the Ordinary Extraordinary

We all love a festive home! As fall fades and winter arrives, I can't help but think of the sweet smell of Christmas pine and warm mugs of hot chocolate. In early September, I was blessed to give birth to the sweetest little boy. He has been such an incredible joy (and an incredible responsibility). So when the cool weather rolled in, I longed for Pumpkin spiced lattes and fall foliage crafts, but somehow I could not quite find the time in my day.

My aunt and mother arrived to DC from Georgia to visist for the week. My aunt, a serial seasonal decorator, greeted me, kissed the baby and asked why I didn't have mums on the porch! Hilarious, but oh so observant. I wanted to decorate the porch with a wreath on the door and colorful fall displays on the steps complete with pumpkins and...mums...but I simply couldn't get my act together. It had to be perfect and I simply didn't find time for perfect.

As the weeks went on, my sad front porch kept looking bleeker and bleeker to me. Everytime I approach and crossed the threshold I would think, I better go get some mums! Then, mum season was over. Fed up with my own inaction, I did what any self respecting DIY/home decorator would do, I marched myself right on to Michael's for a quick fix. The solution? A simple, too small, grapevine wreath (they were out of my preferred 18 inch size) with seasonal foliage (an off season score with a 40% discount) and a handmade bow. The wreath is well...quite ordinary. It took me about 15 minutes to make in between feedings and diaper changes. But, now when I come to the front door, I smile. It's a reminder that you don't always get to "go big" or indulge your decorating fantasies and...that's ok. The entire purpose of decorating is to bring joy in addition to style and function. And, my too small, grapevine wreath does just that :)

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