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House Tour | How to Pack Style & Functionality into a Small Closet

I've been blogging for a few months and there is one house that's missing from all of my posts...mine! Welp, that changes today. Why? Because my husband has created a masterpiece that I'm really excited to share. No, it's not mountain modern nor a project in a flip, but it's serious eye candy. So let's dive in!

Everything that you see in this closet is custom made by my handy husband (with a little input from me, but it's his design and carpentry skills). When we renovated a year ago, we left the closet as the last major project. To be clear, this is my husband's closet only. I get a new closet when we expand the house (hopefully late 2017). It's well laid out design and the fact that it is a walk-in don't negate the fact that this is still a pretty modest sized closet. If you are struggling with a less than grand closet at home, here are a few of my favorite things to keep in mind!

Encapsulate it! The stand out feature in this closet is the floor to ceiling walnut. It's a mix of solid walnut and a walnut veneer. When you cover the ceilings and walls in the same material, it makes the room feel bigger. All of the walnut here has a few coats of polyurethane so that it's natural beauty shines through. Also note that the closet storage extends to the ceiling so every usable space is maximized. Efficient? Check!

Shoe storage designed for YOUR shoes! The shoe storage in the closet is designed to accommodate the exact height, width and number of shoes and boots that my husband owns. And, the entire shoe storage system is backlit with LED lights. I get it. This isn't a DIY project for the average homeowner, but you could easily organize your closet by putting like items with other like items and paying special attention to how to organize your shoes since they take up so much space and require dedicated shelving.

Closet jewelry! Every little black dress must be well accessorized to add pizzaz. This closet's jewels are the hardware and the light fixture (See my blog post Square Flush Mount Light Fixtures! Which Will Crown the Closet? to read more about our lighting selection). The drawers have slender pulls that coordinate with the light fixture. The closet's hooks have a double prong for more than one item and a really unique shape. And, the pull out tie and belt storage are brilliant - totally concealed and totally functional.

Glass Shelving! The glass shelves with the mirrored back are the perfect display for watches, cufflinks, and other personal items. The area also brightens up what could be a pretty dark closet.

Bonus last minute addition...drumroll...the rolling ladder system! I'm only 5'4 and I have always struggled to put clothes away because we tend to maximize all closet spaces by taking storage to the ceiling. Ceiling level closet space demands a ladder. We always kept a funky, old paint splattered step ladder in the closet but it simply wouldn't do with the newly renovated space. So, we took a queue from libraries and added a rolling ladder system. Now everything is accessible and our storage is maximized.

I hope that you enjoyed my husband's amazing "his" closet. Stay tuned for the next stop on the house tour - our guest bathroom!

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