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Progress! Construction Update in Wintergreen ~ Our Painted Lady

Getting closer! The first weekend in October, we drove 6 hours round trip in one day to check on the status of our vacation rental, drop of the last of our ledger stone order and install speakers. It was a crazy thing to do with a baby and not hitting the road until noon, but hey we are both wild and crazy sometimes ๐Ÿ˜œ. Upon arrival, I felt like the exterior had not changed. There is only the addition of the exterior stairs from the back deck. They are lovely. I can't fathom why we approved house plan without any deck stairs... Inside lots has changed since our last visit. The drywall has now been finished and painted. Here are the three primary paint colors - Benjamin Moore's Mocha Cream, Feather Down, and Balboa Mist. It is a soothing palette with a gray, a taupe and a beige. The colors all looked good and met my expectations. They are all very light and airy. Once everything is fully decorated, playing with darker and more colorful paint in select rooms might be the first thing I do! The trim is partially up. The tile floors in the basement are laid. And we have lots of deliveries on site! The floors are there and, boy are they pretty! The doors and both types of trim were delivered last week. I kind of think a simpler 1 panel might have been better than the 5 panel that I chose but it's way too late for second guessing. And, the tile and bathroom vanities are also there and ready to go. The speaker installation and wiring is a huge undertaking and work in progress. The panel location in the crawl space was "taken" by the water utility installation so some major creativity is necessary to rig it in another location. And we didn't wire for enough TVs or land line house phones, per the resort, so we are trying to figure out how to address this now that all of the walls are closed ๐Ÿ˜ญ. There is nothing quite as sad as busting up new, freshly painted drywall... We have a three full weekends booked in October and November. So more updates coming, but it doesn't look like the Thanksgiving table will be spread at Wintergreen this year.

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