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Wintergreen Progress Update: All done! Introducing Haven's Ridge...

A year and four months we signed on the dotted line to purchase a rocky lot with a questionable view in the Wintergreen Resort, much to our delight we finally have a house! We were originally told that the process should take about 9 months. Due to weather and major foundation issues, the building process was extensively delayed. I really wanted to spend Christmas in the house, but we received the certificate of occupancy on the Friday before so it just wasn't feasible. We were there the entire weekend before Christmas, but I promise that there wasn't any caroling or tree trimming. It was nearly 48 hours of straight work. Next year!

The exterior of the house was completed with a dramatic walkway that serves as a bridge from the street level to the house's front door. It is suspended over a 30 foot rocky drop with outcroppings, moss and ferns that remind me of one of my favorite childhood cartoons, Fraggle Rock! The Pella front door is finally in. It's a touch on the red side but still complements the other exterior colors quite well. We added some last minute walkway lighting to ensure that no one takes a dive over the side rail due to missing a step. I think that the lighting actually adds a really nice touch to the front entry. The landscaping will be a project for spring, but for now we have rock and mulch to add a bit of curb appeal.

The interior has exceeded my expectations! I'm quite happy with how everything came together. My husband joked that I should be since I've been pouring over samples for over a year. The kitchen is a cool grey with ebony smoke cabinets, a quartz counter and a gorgeous glass backsplash. To add a rustic touch, we added reclaimed barnwood floating shelves. This room is definitely more rustic glam than just rustic! Even the drawer pulls and knobs have a little sparkle. The 7 foot island adds drama and storage making the kitchen both functional and beautiful. We added a special feature that will get its own post - a chevron insert hand crafted by Justin placed on the front of the island. It is just gorgeous!

Because I plan to reveal each room on its own over time, let me just say that the "shell" of this house - walls, floors, windows, trim, etc. gives the mountain modern vibe that we were hoping for! The finishes are a great balance of rough and refined. Enjoy these early preview photos of a few rooms! And, come and visit soon!

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