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#RusticRoundUp - 6 of the Most Stunning Exterior Light Fixtures Ever!

I confess...I agonize over making decorative choices sometimes. There are just so many pretty options for everything from silverware to bed makes it tough to put a stake in the ground and say, YES, this is the one. But, alas, I do it all the time. After researching my options (sometimes exhaustively), I do end up making choices that I love with my whole, entire heart.

Recently, I had to outfit our vacation rental with exterior lights. Wow, did I come across some beauties! I chose the first one - the Aurelia 1 Light Outdoor Wall Lantern from Union Rustic - for either side of the front door. They are waaayyy larger than I realized which has given the front entry a heft that was somewhat unanticipated, but lovely. If you're in the market for outdoor lighting or you want to keep some ideas in your back pocket, here are my top 6 choices for rustic lighting! All of the lights are linked to their source.

This post is not a promotion.

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