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Q. Monique Allen is a Washington, D.C. based residential interior design and lifestyle blog dedicated to capturing and chronicling my experience as a first time custom home builder, consultant on design projects, and consumer of all things "mountain modern" including furniture, fabric, accessories, lighting, and more.



This past weekend, I had the lovely occasion to visit Pippin Hill. This is the place that you see in all of the local wedding magazines with blushing brides walking barefoot through grapevines. In fact, it was named a top wedding venue in 2018 by Brides Magazine. There is something charming and ethereal about the vineyard as a backdrop for exchanging heartfelt vows. There is a little magic in those rows upon rows of gorgeous, sunlit vines.

For all of us who did not have the...

I know, this #RusticRoundUp is probably my least relatable yet...BUT, we can all dream right?! Who doesn't want a suspended bridge walkway to their front door or an interior catwalk high above the main living area? It's ridiculously cool and adds a modern feel to any decor.

When we decided to build a vacation rental in Wintergreen, VA we were looking for an interesting lot with good views (we did not have "great views" money). After looking at a bunch of lack...

You CAN tackle the baby clutter. You CAN tackle the baby clutter. You CAN tackle the baby clutter.

Keep saying that over and over while spinning around in blazing fast circles with your SuperMommy cape on. It works. Trust me.

Of course, I'm kidding! But, I'm not the first person willing to take to desperate measures to keep baby stuff at bay. I try to leave my house in good order each night. I wipe up the counters, pick up out of place items and (mostly) clear the sink of...

I wish every bedroom had a bench. A small space near the bed for pillows or a handbag or a suitcase for guests that is small enough NOT to attract piles of dirty clothes but big enough to add some additional function and decor to the room is perfect. For the vacation rental that we are building, I tried to squeeze a bench in every bedroom! (Check out our latest construction update post https://www.qmoniqueallen.com/single-post/2017/05/19/Progress-Wintergreen-Construction-U...

I recently had the great fortune to be featured as part of Floor Coverings International of Charleston's Designer Influencer Interview Series. 

It was such a delight to share my perspective on a wide variety of design related topics! I've taken a short excerpt from the interview here but you have to visit the site to read it for yourself!

Tell us about yourself.
From as far back as I can remember I have always had at least one creative outlet. I love to paint, draw, cra...

When you have an entire home to furnish, you get creative! Some folks are lucky enough to work with a professional designer to design and furnish a home from top to bottom  - at once. But, the truth of the matter is that our homes are most often collected over time. Each piece in our home tells a story and most even mark important milestones. But, when you are furnishing a vacation rental, like me, the design process and furniture selections become a little less personal a...

Builders' auctions are great places to shop for windows, doors, appliances, tile, cabinets, bathtubs, flooring and more! While there are deals literally everywhere, you have to be savvy to get the best savings. 

Here are my top 5 recommendations for how to score big at an auction!

#1 Attend the preview day

Most auctions have a preview day where you can browse the selection. Go! This allows you to scope out what you want and do your research in advance.

# 2 Get there early


Before you read any further, let me tell you that I am biased. I love Houzz. However, when I started blogging, I kept being directed to Pinterest as the best place for home décor and design. I've had a Pinterest page for many years, but I've rarely used it for anything other than inspiration for clothes and photo shoots (and the occasional gift idea). So, I jumped back in and reworked my Pinterest page. As I started pinning, I struggled with a number of things that made me...

Do you love reclaimed wood, but not the prices? Go with me on a field trip to the lumber yard to explore the alternatives. Also, learn why wood from the lumber mill is so much more affordable than retail outlets.

The 5 must see places to visit in St. Kitts and Nevis. Learn more about Pinney's Beach, Sunshine's, Lime, Turtle Time, Cottle Church, Nevis Museum, the Nevis Botanical Gardens, Bath Hotel, and more!

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Q. Monique Allen

Have you ever felt like there is something really special that brings you joy that you simply don't do enough of? I'm not sure what that might be for you, but for me, it's feeding my passion for interior design, furniture and the arts (all of them - visual, performing, culinary...). With a full time career in financial services in Washington, DC, a bustling family, a demanding schedule (and the list goes on), it's tough to find time for things that you love! But, I've committed to MORE. More inspiration...more hands on expression of my own creativity...and more beauty in my world. As I explore and expand my own space and fill it with chic "mountain modern" design, experiences, and ideas, I look forward to using this lifestyle and design blog to share them with you.

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